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In 2022. I filed a 1040A instead of a 1040NR. This year while filing my tax, I came to know that it was wrong the previous year. Should I file a 1040X & correct it before I file for this year? Does this have consequences on my visa processing?
Here is what I would do if I were in your shoes.I would get forms and instructions for the form 1040NR for 2022. Use the information supporting your 1040A filing in 2022 to create a correct return. I suspect this may result in additional tax liability. Be sure that you pay the balance due on the 1040NR less your payments and withholdings from the 1040A. Make copies of everything including the 1040A you filed in error.Then, you need to do a cover letter that you send with the 1040NR and the copies of everything which explains in reasonable detail what happened, including your concerns about visa status.My experience with the IRS is if you are working in good faith, explain things in a cover letter with adequate documentation, you should be good.Then be sure to use 1040NR for your 2022 filing.Good Luck, and thank you for adding value to America.
How do I find my 2022 AGI for my taxes?
You can find your 2022 AGI:In TurboTax Online or the mobile app under Your tax returns & documentsOn your originally-filed 2022 tax return, form 1040 (Line 37), 1040A (Line 21), 1040EZ (Line 4), 1040NR (Line 36), Form 1040X (Line 1, column A)By ordering at transcript of copy of your return on the IRS Get Transcript site or buying a full copy of your return by following the instructionsThe IRS requires your AGI for identity verification (unless you didn't file 2022 taxes; in that case enter as your AGI) when e-filing, but as long as you transfer last year's taxes over to your 2022 tax return, we'll also transfer your 2022 AGI behind the scenes.If your 2022 AGI didn't transfer, you might be in the wrong account.Where to find your 2022 AGI in TurboTax Online/MobileMake sure youu2019re signed in to your TurboTax account.Select Tax Home from the left menu.Scroll down to Your Tax Return And Document and select 2017.Select View adjusted gross Income (AGI).Tallystack
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