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Good morning everyone this is med city cpa and i'm reading through the IRS publications and it ran across a common question that I'm usually asked so what is my filing status or what are my options for B for filing status well in the IRS Publication for zero one two there is a I'm on page roughly page 37 out of 310 pages they have a decision tree and you walk through it and it helps you figure out well which ones which filing statuses can you claim so helps to narrow it down for example remarried on the last day of the year and then well what's the definition right here right so if you answer yes then you come over here and then did you and your spouse live apart of the last six months of the year no then you have these two options if yes do all the following apply you file a separate return you've paid more than half the cost your home is the main support of your child or fostered and more than one half of the year you claim the child as dependent head of household there be moss multiple households with the shared living quarters if certain requirements are met have enlisted child to the play with the park so hopefully this is helpful it's usually questions about what filing status can I claim and hopefully with the new RS form 1040 this helps people out and figuring out what can they actually qualify for so I'll put a link in the description below but hopefully this is helpful.


How much tax do Americans pay on lottery winnings?
Their Governments tax all citizens on any income earned. This income can be earned in the form of a salary, business profit, sale of land, capital gains, and even lottery winnings. Income earned in the country or outside the country is taxable. In the United States of America, the lottery winners have to pay a two-tier tax structure on their winnings, both to the Federal Government and the State Government.The tax on a lottery win also varies as per the winning amount. So, if you win less than $100, the taxes you pay will be none or minimal. For wins of more than $5000, Americans have to take into account depreciation, annuities and taxes - they end up paying nearly 2/3rds of their winning amount as taxes. However, if you are one lucky person, and you win tens of millions, you are going enter the highest tax bracket. The money left after taxes will still leave you enough to live life like a prince.Keep in mind, that if you are playing on an international site like Lottoland, the concierge website will automatically deduct the amount to be paid in taxes (usually about 10%) to the Government, where the stakes are played.I would suggest that you get in touch with a good tax lawyer if you have played and won the lottery. Not paying your legal dues could get you in trouble, and could reduce your winnings further. Enjoy your money to the maximum, and pay your taxes on time.Thanks For Reading!
What happens if I did not receive a Form 3921 and therefore did not realize I had to file my taxes for ISO's I previously exercised?
First do you have your Form 3921 for 2022 or do you know the correct amounts? If not, you will need to contact your employer for the correct amount.Do you know how much your gain or loss resulted from your Stock? You should file a Form 1040X and file your capital gains on Schedule D, Capital Gains and Losses. On page 2 of Schedule D, you will calculate your capital gains tax. where indicated to access the calculation worksheet. Your tax on Form 1040, line 44, includes the total of your ordinary income tax and capital gains tax.When filing an amended or corrected return:Include copies of any forms and/or schedules that you're changing or didn't include with your original return. Generally, for a credit or refund, you must file Form 1040X within 3 years after the date you timely filed your original return or within 2 years after the date you paid the tax, whichever is later.Allow the IRS up to 16 weeks to process the amended return.It is possible that if the income was substantial you may have or will receive a CP 2022 for unreported income. If you have received this, then your corrections may have already been made.FYI: the Statute of Limitations for TY 2022 is ending 04/15/2022 which means you may owe tax but any refunds of credit. If your return wasn't filed by the due date (including extensions of time to file):You may be subject to the failure to file penalty, unless you have reasonable cause for your failure to file timely.Tax not paid in full by the original due date of the return (regardless of extensions of time to file) may also result in the failure to pay penalty, unless you have reasonable cause for your failure to pay timely, or the IRS has approved your application Form 1127 (PDF), Application for Extension of Time for Payment of Tax Due to Undue Hardship).Interest is charged on taxes not paid by the due date, even if you have an extension of time to file, and is also charged on penalties.There's no penalty for failure to file if you're due a refund. However, you risk losing a refund altogether if you file a return or otherwise claim a refund after the statute of limitations has expired. An original return claiming a refund must be filed within 3 years of its due date for a refund to be allowed in most instances. After the expiration of the three-year period, the refund statute prevents the issuance of a refund check and the application of any credits, including over-payments of estimated or withholding taxes, to other tax years that are underpaid. However, the statute of limitations for the IRS to assess and collect any outstanding balances doesn't start until a return has been filed. In other words, there's no statute of limitations for assessing and collecting the tax if no return has been filed.Hope this information is helpful.
Reflecting back, has ObamaCare been the boon to everybody's healthcare? What's your individual experience?
My individual experience was very positive as the CFO and Deputy Director of a state health care exchange, where we reduced the number of the uninsured from 11% statewide to 3.7%, over a four year period. Reducing the uninsured was a primary goal of health care reform.My job was to help transition the exchange from establishment grant funding, to a sustainable revenue business model. This was very challenging during the stabilization of the new eligibility and enrollment technology platform, and a change in State Governors. But for all the political noise, from my perspective, the ACA has been very successful.I have since moved on, but can tell you that the staff at the exchange are some of the most committed professionals I have worked with during my career.
Where are the Moors black?
The Moors were black people originally. Some of them became lighter and lighter over time due to mixing with European and Turkish migrants who melted into Moorish communities.Do not believe the Eurocentric lie that the Moors were the medieval Muslim conquerors of Spain, Septimania and other places in southern Europe.The Kindgom of Mauretania is much older than Islam. The Moors were among the earliest Christians. Three of them became Popes like Pope Victor. Hundreds became saints. They were known as Holy Moors like Saint Zeno and Saint Victor. They are Patron Saints of European cities; Saint Zeno in Verona, Italy and Saint Victor, in Milan, Italy.It is out of Eurocentric shame that the Moors have been all de-blackened into Caucasian Berbers and Arabs who had huge armies of Negro slave soldiers and Islamized West African allied forces.The African Moors had rulers on European soil from 711 to 1492 longer than any European power had a colony in Africa. Corsicans and Sardinians proudly display a Moor’s head on their flags in order to immortalize the victory over the Moors. The Moor’s head aka Caput Ethiopicum is a heraldic symbol depicting the head of a black man, usually wearing a tortil or a band. Crusaders also immortalized their victory over the Moors during the Reconquista and the Crusades by putting a Moor’s head on their crests and coats of arms.Corse - Blason - Armoiries - Coat of arms - crest of CorseSardinia Flags and Symbols and National AnthemFlag of Sardinia - WikipediaThe white slave trade of the Moors lasted at least a thousand years well until the early 20th centuries with the capture of the last Riff pirates. Barbary pirates slave raided for white slaves as far as Iceland. The most daring captured American sailors on high seas or shipwreck American sailors as far as South Barbary, the Atlantic coast of southern Morocco.White slavery at the hands of the Moors left an indelible mark on Berber communties, that is, extensive European maternal ancestry. Even Central Saharan Tuareg have minor to moderate levels of female euro-genes. The descendants of the Moors and their European female breeding partners call themselves “the White Moors”. They all have visible and well documented black ancestry. The vast majority of the “White Moors” have dark skin.Human Alu insertion polymorphisms in North African populations (2022 DNA study)Human Alu insertion polymorphisms in North African populations.Taken together, results on Y chromosome, mtDNA and Alu Insertions in North Africa allow proposing a scenario for this region.The ancient “sub-Saharan” settlement would have been followed by admixture with Iberian populations.But, as the North African Y chromosome remained dominant in the region, we could argue that this admixture have been realized in one direction: North African men and Eurasian womenexplaining the gene flow from Europe and high frequency of European types of mtDNA in North Africa as compared with Y chromosome.This situation would not be the result of drift toward Eurasian mtDNA.Our results on Alu insertions interestingly confirm that this gene flow happened several times probably always on the same direction.These matrimonial exchanges between North Africa and Europe should be considered in a context of patriarchal societies with men attached to territory and women from different regions including Europe.Hence, genetic diversity on one hand and relationship with Europe should have been due to womenCheck my answer :Françoise Marie's answer to Why are Afrocentrics convinced that Moors were black?The deniers of the blackness of the original Moors have a hard time explaining the descriptions of the Moors as black as cooking pan or why the Crusaders chose to immortalize the Negro slave soldiers rather than their Caucasian masters on their crests and coats of arms.http://bridgingcultures.neh.gov/...The EARLIEST European account of the Moorish invasion of Spain, the Chronicle of 754, refers to the Visigothic capitulation, the so-called “loss of Spain” (perdida de España) at the hands of the “Arabs and Moors sent by Musa,” or Musa Ibn Nusayr, the Muslim governor of North Africa. In the Estoria de Espanna (History of Spain), the first vernchronicle composed in Spain, we find a characteristic portrayal: “All the Moorish soldiers were dressed with silk and black wool that had been forcibly acquired • their black faces were like pitch and the most handsome of them was as black as a cooking pan.La Chanson de Roland | French epic poemThere are passages from the song of Roland where Moorish soldiers are described as a blackest than ink who have nothing white but teeth alone.CLXIIIBut what availeth? though Marsil fly, His uncle, the Algalif, still is nigh; Lord of Carthagena is he, Of Alferna's shore and Garmalie, And of Ethiopia, accursed land:The black battalions at his command, With nostrils huge and flattened ears, Outnumber fifty thousand spears; And on they ride in haste and ire, Shouting their heathen war - cry dire. "At last," said Roland, "the hour is come, Here receive we our martyrdom; Yet strike with your burnished brands - accursed Who sells not his life right dearly first; In life or death be your thought the same, That gentle France be not brought to shame. When the Emperor hither his steps hath bent, And he sees the Saracens' chastisement, Fifteen of their dead against our one, He will breathe on our souls his benison."Death of OlivierCLXIVWhen Roland saw the abhorred race, Than blackest ink more black in face, Who have nothing white but the teeth alone, "Now," he said, "it is truly shown, That the hour of our death is close at hand. Fight, my Franks, 'tis my last command." Said Olivier, "Shame is the laggard's due," And at his word they engage anew.FEAR OF BLACKNESS SERIES: PART I - Guide to the Ethnic Origins of the Infernal Black Saracen - republishedAgoulant, "Sultan of Sicily" and his Moors attack a Castle in the "Grandes Chroniques de France" Most of its illustrations were thought to have been made for King Charles the 5th of the 14th century.;"";""
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